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Jakobsbersgatan 5-7
111 44 Stockholm

Sempre café

Sempre Espresso Bar

Classical Italian espresso bar in the heart of Stockholm. We’re close to Roma, just around the corner from Sicilia. You can see the Turino mountains from here while dipping your toes on the shores of Calabria. At Sempre strangers are just friends you’ve yet to drink coffee with. The proof of the coffee is in the taste. If coffee is why you came we offer you our own blend based on robusta with a dash of arabica. If you are looking for love we’re here and so it our freshly baked cornetto. Don’t get charmed or swept away. We are serious people. We’re just focused on your experience. Coffeum arma nostra. We are - Italy curated for you – Not better than our last espresso.

- Per, why did you open Sempre Espresso Bar?
- I thought of all the money we would make.
- But there is no money in the coffee business
- I was misinformed.
Sempre café

Aperitivo Fridays 17-21

If we were to name one thing that brings us out of bed in the morning it would probably be the same thing that got us into the bed – love.

Love for life, for living, for socializing, for good food and vino. Aperitivo comes from the Latin word aperire, to open. In this case to open up your senses, your appetite. Whether it’s through the Aperol Spritz, the Italian appetizers or our house band playing live on Fridays or perhaps the cheering with the regulars at Sempre. Panem et circenses, as the Romans said, bread and circuses, is a style of life enjoyed at Sempre every Friday from five to nine, on your way home, out for dinner, to the theater or after work. Just take the load off and enjoy the Italian love for life.

Cin cin
Sempre café